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"Shine" by Ahji

Verse I

(Shine within)
My sun is blossoming my dreams
aloft amidst the winds
and the promises they sing
walking in the stream
lovin' runs often in my veins
become light
so I breathe softly when it rains
crossing over phases of the moon
seas change in a whisper
risen from the chambers
inner wisdom
painted with the pigments
of a vision(ary)
dancing in the plumage
of illuminary
I ruminate the way
that newness carries me
towards my selfness
fragrances in praises form a shelter
waves of vibrations pour over relics
saturated in wellness
precious moments envelope me
so my language is angelic
tell it
like a picture spoken in scripture
to the morning born from hope
in the mists of enigmas
ocean of rhythms
sweet ambrosia of beginnings
is living


People want freedom in life
come seek a
way of living, breathing the light
it's gonna be the
eve before the dawn
song before the rhyme
open up
and let your love shine
(love shine)


Verse II

Rays of sun trickle down
my throat coated with sounds
of growing abound
and hope flutters on a melody
telling me to develop
these heavenly grounds of mine
*Shine* *Shine*
Soul surfing the divine
nurturing intuitions
relearning to visualize the moment's gift
it's open like an infant's mind
an intimate design
a wish up in the sky wisps by

"Spread your wings! Come let your spirit fly!"

Ascending inside
levity mending the mind states
to befriend a sublime face
of a love you always knew
and present beside waves
of benevolence, rise, bathe
and through cleansing your eyes
you'll see:
that love was always you!
flow through
the mirror to embrace your destiny
it's beckoning so hold it
dearly to your breast
and feel the blessings
the fibers of your being
vibrant reasons to let
me be me
a love shining to eternity

Composed, written, arranged, performed,
produced, and engineered by Joshua Seaman.


All material ©2008 Relic Productions and Joshua Seaman
Please contact Joshua Seaman for licensing and usage.

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