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"The Gentle Caress of Death" by Ahji

(French chanting)

Close your eyes
the season of shedding your skin
and letting go has come
say goodbye
and let yourself die
I beg of you
you are part of the sacred darkness
your past has fled away
with your sigh

So here I stand on the precipice
levity emanating from beneficent evidence
of a native element within
words of wishing whispered in the wind
are preface to an epilogue of the person I've been
(I'll never see him again)
if ever there's a time to learn to fly it surely has come
my old wings, with my ego, scorched by the sun
orphan of thunderous omens opening over me
and I'm knowing that there's nowhere to run
can't feel numb, where I'm from
tides have risen with the rise of religion
the price of living in the present
is to follow and listen
the fall of autumnal wisdom on the ears of the blind
tells a vision of you on the other side of this divide
between the heart and the mind
if you can leave yourself behind
the formula confides that it results in your dying
in the fires of heart the truth purifies the mind
so I submit to give my body to the pyre
(gotta die)

The wisdom in your body says let go
the patterns of your past don't feed your soul
consume yourself in the fire
when your nights get cold
and that time has come
laisse-toi mourir (let yourself die)

Jump into darkness
embrace the mystery like a martyr
and plunge into your body's deep waters
the free-fall of the phenom to evolve beyond
the cold breath of a lover
that you cuddle in your breast
the gentle caress of death is a blessing
serpentine brethren show us how to shed skin
fear not the presence of the sacred shadow self
in being afraid of death, we're afraid of ourselves
walking death, we consume life to live
in the movement of our dying we become all that is
holding pluralistic balance in our flesh we begin
to engage in the truth of our essence and we can
go deep in the winter to intimately re-center
the fire of the Infinite burns brightly as our mentor
the symmetry of death to resurrect
an empathetic new self that lives fully
so surrender, surrender, surrender...

Composed, written, arranged, performed,
produced, and engineered by Joshua Seaman.


All material ©2011 Relic Productions and Joshua Seaman
Please contact Joshua Seaman for licensing and usage.

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